API Reference

The Mail Monitor API is a RESTful API that provides programmatic access to the data visible in the Mail Monitor User Interface.

    • The base URL for the service is https://api.mailmonitorapp.com/mma.

    • The API calls generally return JSON objects.

    • We must enable access before you can use the API.

Security and Authentication

The service uses HTTP BASIC authentication over SSL connections. The same username and password are used to log into the Mail Monitor user interface, and to authenticate to the Mail Monitor API. The service is not available over unencrypted http connections due to the use of BASIC authentication.

Metadata Service

The API provides a Metadata service to query information about the API and to test access. To test API, click on this link or open it in a new browser window:


When you GET this link, the browser will prompt for a username and password; provide the username and password for your Mail Monitor account. When you have successfully authenticated, the API call will return the version string "1.3". If you receive an error instead, contact us to enable API access for your account.

Alternatively, here is how to invoke the metadata service using the wget program:

wget --user=user@example.com --password=mypass https://api.mailmonitorapp.com/mma/metadata/version

Report Service

The Report service is used to access deliverability information about the campaigns managed by your account. The summary call is used to access a summary of each campaign. Each summary object contains a numeric report id that can be used to access more detailed information, such as inbox percentages, delivery duration information, and content scoring information.

Setup Service

The Setup service is used to manage the seed list and from addresses for this account. It corresponds to the Setup tab in the Mail Monitor web UI.

Usage Service

The Usage service provides account and sub-account level usage summaries.

API Reference