Delivery Headers

REST API Method: delivery

Returns a list of email headers and delivery destination for each seed address delivered to for the given report id. This call is only available for campaigns that were processed with x-Header or HTML tag validation methods. These methods contain unique IDs that are used to retrieve data.


HTTP Method(s):


Path Parameter:

reportid integer --

The id of the campaign. The call returns delivery report information for this campaign.



JSON delivery report object. Each delivery report object has the following fields:

    • emailHeader: raw header text

    • dateCreated: date email delivered

    • boxTypeID: 1 = inbox, 2=spam/bulk folder

    • campaignID: unique ID added by customer to header or html tag

    • ispName: user friendly ISP name of the seed address

    • seedAddress: Mail Monitor seed email address

JSON example response:


"emailHeader":"Return-Path: <bounce...",